Sam Sommers is the author of two general-audience books and two academic textbooks. In This is Your Brain on Sports (2016), he teams up with L. Jon Wertheim to explore the intersection of behavioral science and sports, considering how players, coaches, fans, referees, team owners, and other citizens of the sports universe can help us shed light on basic questions related to human nature. Topics include why the best players rarely make the best coaches, the power of the finish line in athletic as well as business endeavors, and the science behind the appeal of the underdog. His first book, Situations Matter (2011), examines the science of everyday life and details how much of daily thought, feeling, and action is surprisingly context-dependent, from our behavior in crowds, to falling in love, to apparent differences between the sexes. Sam is also a co-author of the Wade et al. Invitation to Psychology (7/e) and Aronson et al. Social Psychology (10/e) texts, both leading academic textbooks in their disciplines.